Marketing on Facebook – to use or not to use

It`s the question I ask myself all the time, is marketing on Facebook worth it and if I do where do I start.

As I`m sure you are aware, Facebook is one of the largest and most influential social media platforms the world has ever seen. With hundreds of millions of Facebookers (I think thats what you call them) login on and signing up everyday, marketing on Facebook only seems like a natural thing to do.

Facebook marketing questions

Facebook marketing

So just how do we go about marketing on Facebook? Is it as simple as it`s made out to be? How much will it cost me? How quickly will I see results? Is it the best Social Media platform to use or should I try and use others? So many questions, it can be time consuming researching the answers and even then you may still be left confused with the answers you find. Hopefully in this blog post I will try and answer a lot of those questions for you and also get your creative juices running with what is possible with Facebook marketing.

Do I have to pay?

The simple anwser is no!

Facebook do obviously offer paid advertising but do not be mislead into thinking this is easy, landing or squeeze pages are still needed. A well converting offer or your own product is required, a lead magnet to offer sign ups and professional looking copy for your Facebook advertsiment.

Facebook can if used correctly be a fantastic source of free traffic, there is no better feeling than building a relationship and selling products. Many Internet Marketers get it totally wrong and spam the comment feeds creating resentment and anger, if you want to learn the correct way of marketing on Facebook click here.

It`s all about results, results, results

As Internet Marketers we are all in the results business, whether that is sales, clicks, subscriptions or readers. Will you see results from paid advertising on Facebook, I can honestly say “I dont no”. It all depends on your sales copy, your offer or product and most of all your advertising budget.

You will need a totally understanding of your statistics and Facebooks, producing great converting sales copy and understand which ads work and why is also a must.

Social Media platforms and Facebook

facebook adsOk, so what about other social media platforms. Are they not worth advertisng on? Yeah sure but again only if you no what your doing, other social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest and Linkedin offer paid promotions or cost per click advertising. Doing valuable research into these advertising platforms is an absolute must unless you would like to burn a big fat hole in your marketing budget.

Facebook for free? Use your inititive

So can you actually use Facebook as a free advertising platform? Well actually yes you can with a little imagination and common sense. Although Facebook prefer it`s users to use paid traffic on their advertsing platform, there is actually nothing wrong with getting your traffic for free.

Providing you have a genuine Facebook profile and can build a simple fanpage, anyone can do this. It takes a little effort to get the ball rolling but once started it will snowball. If done correctly you will build a stream of free traffic looking to buy your products and affiliate offers.

Are you looking for a helping hand?

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